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The 3DS comes preinstalled with a bevy of software and StreetPass and SpotPass services, and it comes with a drop-and-charge dock. StreetPass Mii Plaza (Video Game) - TV Tropes StreetPass Mii Plaza is a program that is preloaded on the Nintendo 3DS, that serves to demonstrate the system's StreetPass function. When a player passes … Nintendo - Wikipedia

Nintendo finally increases the 3DS StreetPass limit to 100

Slot Car Rivals isn't that much fun for me. It's just a matter of push A, let go of A at the right time, rinse and repeat. I hardly play it. Market Crashers is one that I actually really love. It's a cool thing to fire up and it requires you to think ahead of time (By looking at projections and what Mii analysts have to say). SpotPass and StreetPass - Wikipedia

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Nintendo Direct 9-1-16 write-up Wow has it really been this long? Here we gooooooo Nintendo 3DS / Useful Notes - TV Tropes A page for describing UsefulNotes: Nintendo 3DS. Continuing down the path of technical innovation Nintendo first explored with the Nintendo DS and the Wii, …

Race slot cars, predict stock prices ... Discover exciting new gameplay possibilities with StreetPass, only on Nintendo 3DS family systems! ... Purchasable StreetPass ...

Available after today’s Nintendo Direct, a premium update to the Nintendo 3DS’ Streetpass Plaza will speed up functionality and increase the number of players you can encounter from 10 to 100.